1. Policy matters relating to electronics, information technology, and communication technology.
  2. Cyber laws, cyber security, The Information Technology Act, 2000 and Rules and other IT related laws.
  3. Promotion of electronics, including internet; IT and IT enabled services; digital transactions including digital payments.
  4. Promotion of electronics design and manufacturing, hardware/software industry including knowledge based enterprise, etc.
  5. Promotion of standardization, testing and quality in IT and standardization of procedure for IT application and tasks.
  6. Assistance to other Departments in the promotion of e-Governance, e-Commerce, e-Medicine, e-Infrastructure, etc.
  7. Promotion of information technology education and information technology based education, digital literacy, etc.
  8. Coordination of information technology related matters with national and international agencies, bodies and institutions relating to information & communication technology.
  9. Control and regulation of internet service provider within the State.
  10. IT related public sector undertakings and societies.
  11. Technical matters relating to Unique Identification (UID).
  12. Communication towers.
  13. Infrastructure development for electronics; IT and telecommunication including internet.
  14. Streamlining procedure and Issue of NOC for procurement of hardware and software including software development.
  15. Capacity building in IT and e-Governance.