The objective of the programme is to establish state-of-the-art IT Resource Centre for developing highly skilled manpower in the field of ICT with a special focus to Open Source Technology, Networking, Internet/Intranet, Office Automation, Website Development, Multimedia Content Development and IT Application in Fashion & Textile Design, etc. and to provide free IT Education to 10,000 women & rural youths for a period of 5 years with special emphasis on soft-skill computing and business communication skills. Women Empowerment project was funded by Department of IT, Govt. of India to provide IT training for skill up gradation mobilizing women in small viable groups and making facilities available through training and access to credit. And it also aims develop skill through IT training to enable women in Mizoram for acquiring agreed standards of skill appropriate to the jobs available in the IT market.
The project was started in 2007 and trainees were nominated from the women NGO i.e MHIP and HTP and rural youths from MICLUN. Training was given to them free of cost for duration of one months per course and study material was also hand over to them with no charges. List of course covered during the training. on the following certificate course with.
i. Certificate Course in Computers & Internet
ii. Certificate Course in Office Automation Tools
iii. Certificate Course in Building a website
iv. Certificate Course in Windows and office productivity tools
v. Certificate Course in Spreadsheet
vi. Computer awareness programme
vii. Working with Access
viii.    MS-Office and Internet applications

State Designated Agency:
Mizoram State e-Governance Society
(A society under Department of ICT, Govt. of Mizoram)
3- Floor, Secretariat Building Annex-1, Treasury Square.
Aizawl, Mizoram.
Ph: 0389-2319637

Implementing Partner:
Mizoram HmeichhiaInsuihkhawm Pawl (MHIP)
HQ, Treasury Square,
Aizawl Mizoram

HmeichhiaTangrual Pawl (HTP)
Near Industries Directorate,
Khatla ,Aizawl.

Mizoram Cultivator &Labour Union (MICLUN)
Treasury Square( Near Vanapa Hall)
Aizawl Mizoram

Funding Agency:
Department of Electronics & IT, Govt. of India
Ministry of Communications & Information Technology
Electronics Niketan, 6, CGO Complex,
Lodhi Road, New Delhi: 110003

Status: Completed