Mizoram IT Policy 2001 (Cabinet decision no. 13 dated 28.05.2001)
1.1 Information Technology (IT) is the world’s fastest growing economic activity. It is transforming resource-based economies to knowledge-based economies. IT has become the greatest agent of change and promises to play this role even more dramatically in future. IT changes every aspect of human life, apart from impacting changes in the field of communications, trade, manufacturing, services, culture, entertainment, education, research and national security. IT breaks old barriers and is building new interconnections in the emerging concept of a single global village. It has also become one of the critical indicators of the progress of nations, communities and individuals. The advent of IT offers opportunities to overcome historical disabilities. IT is a tool that will enable Mizoram to achieve the goal of becoming a strong, prosperous and self-confident state. IT promises to compress the time it would otherwise take for Mizoram to advance rapidly in its march towards faster development and in occupying a position as a progressive and self-sufficient state.
1.2 Mizoram recognizes IT as the fastest and the most advanced vehicle of change for all-round progress and development of the State. In view of the potential of IT, the State Government advocates widespread proliferation of IT in the State and adopts the following policy supports for promotion of IT in the fields of E-Governance, Empowerment of the people and the society, Education, Industry, Health, Rural Development, Agriculture, Tourism, IT for Masses, and IT Enabled Services.
1.3 The Policy shall come into effect from the date of notification of this policy, till such time, the government may consider the necessity of modification. The government also reserves the right to make any amendments in the policy.
2.1 To make Mizoram the most IT literate state in the country and a global center of excellence in IT Education, Training, Research, and Development. This vision translates into a mission. The vision objectives are:
Employment Generation
Creation of Wealth
IT led economic growth
2.2 To accomplish its vision, the Govt. of Mizoram will play the role of pro-active facilitator, Pro-active motivator, Pro-active promoter, in order to Spread IT to the masses speedily, and to ensure speedy IT led economic development.
The following are the objectives of Mizoram IT Policy:
3.1 Promotion of IT Industry, IT software, IT Products, and IT Services within the state.
3.2 Promoting IT for the masses.
3.3 Setting up a goal of achieving total computer literacy in Mizoram by the year-2010.
3.4 Improvement of efficiency and productivity in governance.
3.5 Improvement of transparency and responsive-attitude in governance.
3.6 Generation of IT-skilled manpower and IT capacity-building in the State.
3.7 Promotion of IT skills and IT know-how among the youth of Mizoram enabling them to engage in gainful self-employment and in IT related activities.
3.8 Propelling growth of IT and IT related activities.
3.9 Providing of people-friendly interfacing between Government and citizen.
3.10 Providing better information and interactive services to tourists, businessman and entrepreneurs. 
3.11 Dissemination of knowledge to farmers, agriculturists and rural population of Mizoram.
3.12 Improvement of revenue assessment and collection mechanism.
3.13 Improvement of general employment opportunity and employment generation.
3.14 Widespread use of IT in educational Institutions.
3.15 Development of capabilities of Governance as a catalyst for economic development by collaborative action and learning.
3.16 Proliferation of Internet, E-Governance, E-Commerce and E-Education.
4.1.1. The Government shall constitute a Task Force with members from various organizations and experts that would conceive and oversee the implementation of the programs envisaged under this policy. The Task Force shall formulate an Action Plan so as to achieve the objective.
4.1.2. The Government of Mizoram shall endeavor to examine the possibility of creating the Department of IT to entrust the works of co-coordinating IT matters and implementing any IT projects. The department of IT shall be nodal agency till such a time Industries Department will be the nodal agency. The nodal department shall be the single window for all the clearances, incentives and certification and premises required for the IT activities. The basic objectives of the nodal department shall be to adopt the role of pro-active facilitator, pro-active motivator, pro-active promoter, to spread IT to the masses speedily and to ensure IT led development. It shall also be responsible for the creation of infrastructures, manpower development and employment generation, etc.
4.1.3. The Government shall endeavor setting up of Electronics Governance and Citizen facilitation to provide better services and improved quality of governance and citizen facilitation through development of sound infrastructure providing high level of communication. Electronics governance shall envisage the developing of cabling infrastructure to carry voice, data and video for Secretariat Complex and several information kiosks in Aizawl city. 
4.1.4. The Government shall endeavor to introduce IT literacy as compulsory for recruitment to government services. In case a person has to be recruited without IT literacy, he/she should compulsorily acquire it within one year. All the existing staff of the government must be asked to attain IT literacy in the next 5 years. 
4.1.5. The Government shall endeavor to strengthen Administrative Training Institute (ATI) for conducting IT Awareness, short-term courses in Computer Application, Office Automation, etc. 
4.1.6. All District Office Headquarters shall endeavor to give Internet /Intranet connectivity by which they will be able to communicate with their respective Secretariats. Similarly, all Directorates shall be given a similar communication facility with their respective Sub-Divisions and subordinate offices, thereby enhancing faster communication and giving added efficiency to the governing mechanism.
4.1.7. The Government shall endeavor to make a special budget allocation every year to complete its IT program. Each department may consider setting aside a budgetary allocation of 2% for the development of IT in their respective department.
4.1.8. The Government shall endeavor to provide facilities to users/citizens for filing of documents electronically to various Departments where government and citizen interface is necessary. The Task Force shall identify Government departments and set priority for introducing such facility in the Departments on phased manner.
4.1.9. The Government shall revamp and strengthen Zoram Electronics Development Corporation Ltd. (ZENICS). ZENICS will play the role of facilitator and assist various government departments in selection of appropriate Hardware, Software, and Training programs in accordance with their needs.
4.1.10. Every department shall endeavor to put all Government regulations, schemes, forms, tenders etc. on the Internet. 
4.1.11. The Government shall constitute a high level committee that will implement Cyber Laws to combat such activities like serious piracy cases and illegal business practices and also to take appropriate action Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of creator, of content and software through vigorous enforcement of relevant copy right laws.
4.2.1 The Government shall endeavor to set up Study Team on IT Education under the chairmanship of the Director of Education Department for implementation of IT in Education.
4.2.2 In order to achieve total computer literacy in Mizoram the Government shall encourage the use of Information Technology in schools, colleges and all educational Institutions for which special program and special resources shall be envisaged by the Education Department in collaboration with the IT nodal agency of the State for creating necessary infrastructure to achieve this goal.
4.2.3 The Government shall start a special training program for school/teachers to help them make use of IT in teaching. All School/College teachers shall endeavor to become IT literate by the year 2005. For this purpose, the Education Department shall draw up IT Education Program for School and college teachers of different levels.
4.2.4 The Education Department shall strive to develop an appropriate curriculum for all educational institutions of Mizoram so as to make IT a compulsory subject from the level of Primary School to Higher Secondary School.
4.2.5 An IT Course Module shall endeavor to be made compulsory component for all Degree Courses within 3 years.
4.2.6 The State Government shall endeavor to launch a special scheme for the introduction of computer/IT education in schools and the scheme shall be launched as early as possible. 
4.2.7 The Government shall endeavor the setting up of North Eastern Institute of Information Technology (NEIIT) to be deemed University. Establishment of this type of institutions shall be given high priority by the State.
4.2.8 The Government shall endeavor to take effective steps towards the generation of more IT experts in association with global giant companies to meet the demands of IT Industry both for domestic and export market. The Academic curriculum and Professional curriculum will be designed to meet the world class certified professional in the latest technology. Unemployed Educated Youth shall be trained to become IT professional for sustainable self-employment.
4.2.9 In order to acquire specialists in the areas of Computer and Communication Technology, the State Government shall endeavor to consider sponsoring of employees to various government departments, undertaking, autonomous organization, non-government organization inside and outside the State.
4.2.10 The State Government shall endeavor to train manpower to meet the demands of the domestic and export industry. The state government shall endeavor to arrange special seats for enrollment in B.Tech/MCA/M.Sc./M.Tech in Information Technology at various Institutions of India and offer a sponsorship.
4.2.11 The Government shall endeavor to make a special budgetary allocation for the purpose of Manpower development and training every year. 
4.2.12 The State Government shall endeavor to launch special computer educational schemes to enable students, teachers and school to gain IT knowledge by providing financial packages and by taking initiatives like lowering the cost of personal computers, easy bank loan and computer donations to business houses.
4.2.13 The Government shall endeavor to provide Internet connectivity to every school, college and educational institution. Human Resource Development shall draw up a separate Action Plan for this purpose.
4.2.14 In order to provide Computer facilities to every school/college, private and NGO shall be given a special permission to install computers in the space provided by the schools for commercial purposes after school hours and the cost of maintenance of these machines can be charged as a fee from students.
4.2.15 The Government shall encourage professional certification programs in collaboration with Microsoft, Oracle, CISCO, and Sun Microsystems and it shall also promote non-formal education like DOEACC and IGNOU.
4.2.16 The Government shall endeavor to upgrade Industrial Training Institute (ITI) and Polytechnics for providing courses on IT. The institute shall also provide training skills for data entry, marketing, transcription, call centers, content creation and data processing.
4.3.1 The Government shall provide impetus to software sector and hardware sector of Information Technology Industries.
4.3.2 The Government shall set up State Level Information Technology Co-ordination Committee (SLITCC) under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary, Government of Mizoram. The committee shall consist of concerned Department Officers, members from industrial units of Mizoram and from the Government of India, agencies and senior technical officials to guide the government in the management and implementation of its IT Policy in Industrial sector. The Co-ordination committee shall meet quarterly to review the progress and to solve the problem faced by the IT Industry. The Committee shall also monitor the progress of IT education for industrial use.
4.3.3 The Government shall also set up Departmental Information Technology Committee (DITC) as a single window agency under the Chairmanship of Secretary concerned for issuing eligibility certificate to avail incentives. The incentives shall not be given unless this committee has approved the units.
4.3.4 At par with the central government, all the IT industry with the exception of aerospace and defense electronics shall be de-licensed. Hence, the IT industries including IT training institution shall not be required to register in the department of industries unless they want to avail incentives. IT industry including IT training institution needs to register firms or society or co-operative or company to apply eligibility certificate to avail incentives.
4.3.5 The Government shall endeavor to set up Software Technology Park (STP) infrastructure exclusively for software Development and IT enabling services, which will be set up inside the IT Park. The IT Park should be architecturally designed and equipped with the latest state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities to meet the growing needs of the high tech companies in Electronics, Information Technology, Tele-communications, Finance and related Industries. The IT Park shall offer a one-stop shop solution to the companies for their business activities and social needs. In this park, provisions will be made for single window clearance for Hardware units, software development units and software services units to be set up, as per the existing schemes of the Government of India. 
4.3.6 The Government shall encourage the private sector to establish Software Technology Park (STP) in the state of Mizoram.
4.3.7 The Government shall permit establishment of the IT industries in residential areas.
4.3.8 In order to ensure that the IT Industries including IT training institution in the state are in a position to meet international quality certification like ISO 9000, Software Engineering Institute Capability Maturity Model (SEI-CMM), and Quality Assurance Institute (QAI) certification which are insisted upon by International Companies, efforts should be made to establish such an organization or its branch in Mizoram, which shall be authorized to issue such certification as may be necessary.
4.3.9 The Government shall endeavor to arrange financial assistance to IT industries including an IT training institution to be established and set up in State. The government will initiate dialogue with Banks and Financial Institutions to evolve a suitable procedure for obtaining finance for the IT units on a priority basis.
4.4.1 The Government shall endeavor to set up Study Team under the chairmanship of the Director of Health Department for implementation of IT in health. 
4.4.2 The Government shall take steps towards the development of a state level health network comprising of connectivity of all people engaged in public health, Tele-monitoring of diseases, and Health Information Kiosk. 
4.4.3 The Government shall endeavor to set-up Tele-medicine programme including Tele-consultation, Tele-diagnosis and Tele-education to provide better quality healthcare to the people, especially those residing in the rural areas.
4.4.4 Efforts shall be made to ensure that all hospitals within Mizoram are interconnected through Internet/Intranet.
4.4.5 The Government shall endeavor to computerize all hospitals within the year 2005. 
4.4.6 The Government shall endeavor to introduce Electronic Health Network with systematic exchange of data between practitioners, hospitals, pharmacies and health authorities.
4.4.7 Computerized system of keeping medical records shall be introduced in the Civil Hospital.
4.5.1 The Government shall set up Community Information Center (CIC) at the selected 22 blocks and 5 additional districts. The CIC shall have VSAT connectivity along with state-of-the-art Computer Systems. With the help of this center, the local people will be able to surf the Internet and access information from the outside world. 
4.5.2 The Government shall endeavor to take all the necessary steps to introduce IT applications for Agricultural and allied activities for integrated rural development of Mizoram.
4.5.3 The Government shall endeavor to launch pilot projects for use of IT in RD which will be based on a multi-pronged approach, involving fiscal and other incentives. Areas like development marketing and popularization of IT for rural applications shall be promoted.
4.5.4 The Government shall endeavor to set up Rural Information Center (RIC) in every R/D Block and District capital. Information will be made available to the public through this center for adding transparency to governance and State sponsored rural development programs. This program shall be implemented in collaboration with the Government of India.
4.5.5 The government shall endeavor to develop rural and social applications of IT by enhancement of technologies and training of artisans. Energy uses including biogas, non-conventional energy, Agriculture products and produce improvement technologies, low cost technology dissemination and diffusion relevant for area-specific application, animal productivity, improvement technologies, dairy, horticulture, poultry industry entrepreneurship development program.
4.5.6 The Government shall endeavor to set up Multimedia Content Creation Center (MCCC) that would be a “Service-Oriented” institute for self-employment generation of rural youths.
4.6.1 The Government shall endeavor to set-up Study Team under the chairmanship of Director of Agriculture Department for implementation of IT in Agriculture.
4.6.2 The Government shall endeavor to establish Agricultural Communication Center in every District Headquarter and RD Block Headquarters, which will be envisaged as service provider to the rural community. The communication center shall provide the following services:
Geographical Information System (GIS) for agriculture related land use management.
Database on Agro-climatic variables like rainfall, water availability and soil nutrient status.
Database Management Systems and Management Information System for land use management, agriculture operation, public health status.
Providing Multimedia facilities for educational and training activities in the area of agriculture extension and other awareness generation programs.
4.6.3 The Government shall endeavor to set up Agriculture Marketing Outlet in every RD Block, which will be interconnected by Internet/Intranet through which the farmers will learn in the market prices of agricultural products within the state or other states.
4.6.4 Web site shall be made available for selling agriculture products to other parts of the world.
4.6.5 Agriculture Department shall endeavor to develop data bank and information system for providing input to prospective agriculturists.
4.7.1 The Government shall endeavor to set up Information Kiosks at public places like Bus Stations, the Airport and in every District and Block Headquarter to enable the common man to interact with the government.
4.7.2 The Government shall allow anyone anywhere to set up IT based services. The licensing and regulations shall be completely done away with in this field.
4.7.3 The Government shall endeavor to launch mass campaign for IT awareness and also launch IT Yatras (journeys) across the state in collaboration with NGOs, educational institutions and corporate sector.
4.7.4 The Government shall endeavor to promote wide spread use of IT and Internet connectivity through Cable Modem to Cable T.V. Operators.
4.7.5 The Government shall endeavor to provide Internet connectivity to every Department and Public Sector. 
4.7.6 Every department shall endeavor to implement at least one citizen-oriented service to be made IT enabled by the year 2005. All such IT enabled services must be made web-centric so that public can access them through Internet.
4.7.7 The Government shall endeavor to start competitions among schools and colleges student with respect to application of IT in various areas. Special prizes/ awards will be instituted by schools/colleges. Corporate and industry houses in the state should come forward to sponsor these prizes/awards.
4.7.8 The Government shall endeavor to provide Braille Computer System in every Blind School to enable to make available text and supplementary reading materials for visually handicapped and through the technology to develop and to incorporate self-teaching aids. With this technology, an ordinary typist with no knowledge of Braille can transcribe books and other text materials into Braille form and drive a suitably modified Braille Printer.
4.7.9 The Government shall endeavor to organize IT ‘Melas’ in various parts of the state to demonstrate the benefits of IT to the people within the state. Special arrangements will be made to establish IT facilities at these melas for people to have first hand experience with regard to the benefits and utility of IT.
4.7.10 The Government shall endeavor to launch a special scheme for State IT Talent Search at the senior secondary level to identify and groom the students for career development in IT sectors.
4.7.11 The Government shall endeavor to provide computer facilities and training to Jail-inmates, Rescue Homes, and Orphanages.
4.8.1 The Government shall endeavor to have empowerment of communities and Individuals as below:
I. The Government shall make efforts to provide opportunities to rural areas for diversifying their commercial, business and recreational interest in collaboration with specialists directly.
II. Information Technology offers opportunities to ethnic communities to keep their communication and culture strong and these areas shall be tapped and utilized.
III. The State Government shall make use of Information Technology to improve the lot of individuals with disabilities by providing maximum possible benefit through Information Technology for rehabilitation and for improvement of quality of life.
4.8.2 The Government shall endeavor to take effective steps to ensure social equity through Information Technology by granting individuals access to information for personal development at the workplace and at home. The Government shall also endeavor to take appropriate step towards transparency and facilitating services to support the weak in society and strengthening the competitiveness of local domestic industry. 
4.8.3 The Government shall endeavor to launch a special scheme for IT literacy programs specially directed towards spreading literacy among women and shall endeavor to set up Websites to promote interest of women doing business in the state.
4.9.1 Tourism is one industry that can effectively use IT to promote itself. Innovative solutions using IT can help Mizoram to attract more visitors and tourists by providing them with information about the heritages, places of interest, culture, and social events.
4.9.2 The Government shall endeavor to set up E-Tourism Portal for the state of Mizoram. This portal should have comprehensive information on the tourism industry, hotels, places of religious and historical interest etc. The idea is to not only provide basic information but also to include cybercasting, video clips and graphics etc. The portal will also encourage e-commerce by selling local handicrafts, agricultural and industrial products through the web site. The portal will also have a revenue model of earning through on-line bookings, advertisements and brokerage from e-commerce transactions.
4.9.3 The Government shall also focus on tourism marketing for which an aggressive marketing plan will be designed to market the state of Mizoram through the Internet.
4.10.1 The Government shall endeavor to build a State of the art infrastructure based on high-speed data communication backbone to enable the local IT Industries to do a business on IT enabled services.
4.10.2 The Government shall endeavor to promote establishment of units for providing IT enabled services or remote services as it has vast employment generation potential. Technical Know-how, marketing support and financial assistance shall be provided by State Government organizations for setting up of such units.
4.10.3 IT enabled services like Medical Transcription, Call Centers, Data Processing, Back-Office Operations, GIS, Revenue Accounting etc. are considered niche areas for the State. A special scheme will be announced to help local industries to diversify into IT enabled services. The benefit of the scheme would also be applicable for companies setting up of IT enabled services in the State.
The Government shall introduce a set of fiscal and other incentives to the IT Industries including IT Products, IT Software and IT Services.
5.1.1 IT Industry: The term ‘IT Industry’ shall cover development, production and services related to IT Products, IT Software, and IT Services.
5.1.2 IT Products: ‘IT Products’ include IT Hardware including Digital Equipment and intermediate products thereof, specified Telecom products, Electronic Components and IT Software and related services.
5.1.3 IT Software: “IT Software” means any representation of instructions, data, sound or image, including source code and object code, recorded in a machine readable form, and capable of being manipulated or providing interactivity to a user, by means of an automatic data processing machine falling under the heading ‘IT Products’ but does not include ‘Non-IT Products’. The term ‘IT Software’ may be substituted in place of ‘Computer Software’.
5.1.4 IT Services: It is defined as any service which results from the use of any ‘IT Software’ over a system of ‘IT Products’ for realizing value addition.
5.1.5 Implementing Agency: Till the Department of IT come into exist, the Industries Department would be the nodal agency for implementation of IT Policy of Mizoram on behalf of the state government.
5.1.6 New Unit: New Unit means an IT unit which has commenced commercial production on or after the date on which the policy has been notified.
5.1.7 Existing Unit: Existing unit means an IT unit, which is or was in commercial operation at any time prior to the date on which the policy has been notified.
5.1.8 IT Enabled Services: Any activity carried out based on the application of Information Technology could be termed as IT Enabled Services. In other words IT Enabled Services cover the entire range of services which exploit information technology for empowering an organization with the improved efficiency or a types of service which may not be possible to rendered cost effectively without IT.
5.2.1 All Industries defined as ‘IT Industry’ including IT training institutions shall be eligible for these incentives but should be located in the industrial area and have their registered offices in the state of Mizoram. 
5.2.2 To be eligible for these incentives, eligibility certificate should be issued by implementing agency.
5.2.3 The incentives under the scheme cannot be claimed unless the eligibility certificate has been issued under the policy by the implementing agency.
5.3.1 All IT Industries are exempted from licensing registration for setting up of IT units. However, the IT industries should be registered either in the form of Society or Co-Operative Society or Company for claiming of incentives.
5.3.2 IT units, which are export-oriented units, should obtain registration from Software Technology Park Authority. Separate incentives will be provided as per the regulation laid down by the government of India.
5.4.1 IT industries shall be exempted from state sales tax for a period of 7 years from the date of commencement of actual commercial production.
5.4.2 Exemption of central sales taxes and excise duties will be governed by various notification/orders issued by the Government of India in this regard. 
5.5.1. Industrial power tariff and all other admissible incentives and concessions applicable to industries in respect of power shall be applicable to the IT industry including those in the urban areas.
5.6.1. IT Industries including IT training institutions are non-pollution industry and shall be exempted from pollution control regulation of the state. Clearances need not be obtained by them from the Pollution Control Board.
5.6.2. IT Industries including IT training institution shall be exempted for obtaining clearance from the Department of Forest and Environment.
5.7.1. 50% of the cost for getting ISO: 9000, Software Engineering Institute-Capability Maturity Model (SEI-CMM) certification and Quality Assurance Institute (QAI) certification shall be subsidized, subject to a ceiling of Rs 2.00 lakhs.
5.8.1. The subsidy on captive generating set including non-conventional energy generation set shall be 50% of the cost of the generating set, subject to a ceiling of Rs. 3.00 lakh per industrial unit. The units will also not be liable to pay electricity duties on power generated by captive generating set and used for production purposes in such units.
5.9.1. State Capital Investment Subsidy of 20% on the capital investment on land, building, plant & machinery etc., subject to a ceiling of Rs. 5.00 lakhs shall be provided to an IT unit under the policy. For 100% EOU the ceiling of subsidy shall be Rs. 10.00 lakhs.
5.10.1. 30% subsidy on shed rent payable to STPI shall be available for a period of three years from the date of commencement of the commercial operation, subject to a ceiling of Rs. 2 lakhs per annum.
5.11.1. Price preference will be given for the products of local units as per the provision of Mizoram preferential stores purchase rules 1994. Broadening and depending of the coverage of the rules will be carried out.
5.12.1. 25% subsidy on Hot line / Lease line connectivity paid to STPI/BSNL subject to a ceiling of Rs. 3 lakhs per annum shall be available to the units for a period of three years from the date of commercial operation.
5.13.1. 50% Subsidy on Manpower development shall be provided in respect of training / technical up gradation / skill up gradation of local persons for IT Industries in a recognized training organization / institution.
5.13.2. Subsidy on setting up of reputed/recognized institution offering national and international certificate courses likes CISCO, OECP, MCSE, MCSD, MCP, DOEACC, etc. 
5.14.1. 50% of the actual list of transportation of plant and machines from the place of purchase up to the location of the unit shall be reimbursed by the state government. The basis of calculation of the amount to be reimbursed will be the official document providing details of the cost of transportation through rail, transport agency, etc.
5.15.1. As per the Industrial policy 2000, all other admissible incentives and concessions applicable to industrial units in respect to land subsidy shall be applicable to the IT industry including IT training Institution.
5.16.1. 50% of the cost incurred on drawl of electric power line from the main line to the factory shed will be subsidized, subject to a ceiling of Rs. 50,000 for each industrial unit.
5.17.1. Admissible incentives and concessions applicable to industrial units in Mizoram industrial policy 2000 shall also be applicable to the IT Industry.
5.18.1. An additional 5% of state capital investment subsidy for investment on land and building, subject to a maximum of Rs. 5.00 lakhs will be made available to 100% Export Oriented Units (EOUs).
5.18.2. Additional 2% of state capital investment subsidy for investment of plant and machinery, subject to a maximum of Rs. 2.00 lakhs will be made available to units of less than 100% export commitment.
5.19.1. Customized package of special incentives will be permitted for prestigious projects having an investment of Rs. 30.00 crores and above. A high power committee under the chairmanship of the Chief Minister will be constituted to decide the package in individual cases.
I. The units should provide employment for minimum 50 persons.
II. Employment should be provided for a minimum period of 3 years.
III. The unit shall provide a minimum wage of at least Rs. 5000 per month per employee.
6.2. Power subsidy shall be available for a period of 5 years, from the date of going into commercial production. The amount of subsidy shall be 60%, subject to a ceiling of Rs. 10.00 lakhs per year.
6.3. The subsidy on captive generating set including non-conventional energy generation set shall be 60% of the cost of the generating set, subject to a ceiling of Rs. 15.00 lakhs per industrial unit.
6.4. State Capital Investment subsidy of 40% on the capital investment on land, building, plant & machinery etc., subject to a ceiling of Rs. 15.00 lakhs shall be provided to an IT unit under the policy.
6.5. 60% subsidy on shed rent payable to STPI shall be available for a period of three years from the date of going into commercial operation, subject to a ceiling of Rs. 5 lakhs per annum.
40% subsidy on Hot line / Lease line connectivity paid to STPI or BSNL or VSNL subject to a ceiling of Rs. 10.00 lakhs per annum shall be available to the units for a period of three years from the date of commercial operation.