Vawiin (30.03.2021) khan ICT Department bultumin Government Website Excellence Award, 2020 semna chu SAD Conference Hall, MINECO-ah neih a ni a. ICT Minister Pu Robert Romawia Royte chu khuallian niin, Website Excellence Award, 2020 hi Departmental Website tha zual pathumte hnenah a hlan a ni.  

Government Website Excellence Award, 2020 dawngtute:

1. Department of Information & Public Relations ( )

2. Department of Personnel & Administrative Reforms ( )

3. Department of Health & Family Welfare ( )

Lawmman pakhatna hian Rs 2,00,000/-, pahnihna hian Rs 1,00,000/- leh pathumna hian Rs 50,000/- niin, pawisa fai bakah hian certificate a keng tel a ni.